Tyn Y Groes

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Tyn Y Groes

The Tyn-y-Groes Hotel almost ruined our weekend!

This hotel is on the main A road. With no double glazing, the cars and trucks going by at 60mph sound like they're going right through the room.

But the worst thing were the mattresses. We felt every single spring! (My wife ended up sleeping on the floor...) No one in our party got more than a few hours sleep, the beds were that uncomfortable. Add to that the toilet that didn't flush (at all) and a very inattentive wait-staff and you can imagine our disappointment.

When we checked out after one night (we had booked for two) because we were so dissatisfied, the owner was very rude, called us liars, and refused to refund our money for the second night even though we were definitely not going to stay there.

My lowest possible recommendation. (Try biking all day with just a couple hours of sleep - tough!)

It was so worth it to find another place - which we eventually did: a wonderful B&B in nearby Dolgellau called Dwy Olwyn (Two Wheels) Their website is Only £24 per person! An extremely nice landlady. And what a view of the Welsh mountains...

Nelson 1 24 May, 2010

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